Who we are

Daria ZlobinaHi all,

Welcome ! I am delighted you decided to visit Art Versed.

The idea for Art Versed came to me one day after I graduated from university. After studying art history for four consecutive years, I kept bumping into realization that people who are perhaps not as passionate about arts and culture as I am, don’t spend as much time researching and keeping track of the contemporary art happenings.

To be frank, contemporary art is one of the most complicated art movements out there, as it is confusing, shocking, and most of the time authentically displeasing. Is that art, you ask yourselves and others. Being asked such a question myriad of times by my friends, family, and even strangers, I came to a point of a necessary need to explain, to help people understand my infinite appreciation of contemporary art in particular (though I do love those blurry Impressionist landscapes and Caravaggio’s magical chiaroscuro).

This strive to be heard, to be understood, to help people get a critic eye to art, not just a mere appreciation of something told to be art, to share my passion of the subject and to primarily educate people on contemporary art, was the basis of Art Versed.

I had a similar voice┬áthat told me and showed me how to appreciate art and consecutively how to fall in love with it. That voice was my grandfather. Visiting multiple exhibitions, embarking on multiple debates related to culture, going out to theater performances since the age of five… That was my foundation. Art Versed strives to be yours.

I hope you find what you are looking for at Art Versed or, perhaps, you’ll be surprised with something and start your new life-long interest.

I wish you all the best on your art journey.


Daria Zlobina


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