Today, The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Airbnb partnered and launched as “The Metbnb”. The initiative will allow individuals to rent our the Met’s historic roomS for a premium. The announcement wasn’t a surprise for many after the annual museum visitor numbers were revealed earlier this week. According to the results, The Met after being the second-most-visited museum in the world in 2015, suffered a $10 million fall in its revenues.

Now, in order to recover from severe losses, the Met director, Thomas P. Campbell, decided to use extraordinary resources the Met has to offer a lucky few a luxurious time-machine stay. The comfy sleep will cost a penny through and will be only for art-lovers with a high budget. Pricing the rooms from $2500-5000/night, the Met projects to make enough revenues to cover some losses.

Would you spare a penny to stay in the 19th-century French room?




P.S. Happy April 1st ! … But if that was true, would you spend a night at the Met?


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