The fourth edition of Art16 is taking place in Olympia London from 19th May-22nd May, providing a broad spectrum of contemporary art taken from over 30 countries around the world from Zimbabwe, South Korea, The UK and more. Showcasing renowned talent and galleries alongside up and coming artists, the fair gives a broad overview of the contemporary art from around the world and allows visitors and buyers to engage with a range of art forms throughout their visit.

'Flower Head 02' by Yoshiyuki Ooe (2010). Courtesy of Evie Clifton

‘Flower Head 02’ by Yoshiyuki Ooe (2010). Courtesy of Evie Clifton

Art fairs have become inescapably important in today’s art world. They are no longer just for the collectors and buyers but provide key platforms to display what galleries and artists have to offer from around the globe. They are multi-media events including sculptures, paintings, performances, talks, tours, film and much more, giving the viewer a lot of art and information under one roof. Art fairs have transcended the traditional buying and selling aspect that they are usually associated with and Art16 is no exception to this, including exhibitions specifically designed for the event including ‘Art16 Projects’ along with ‘London First’ and ‘Emerge Exhibition’ which are curated by Jonathan Watkins, the Director of Ikon. The vibrancy, colour and sheer scale of the event cannot help but satisfy art enthusiasts. The works are easy to engage with, aesthetically pleasing and most of all they put a fun spin on art from sculptures of dogs made of flowers to Disney cartoon collages. Ultimately, if you want an afternoon filled with colour and visual delights then you should definitely consider a visit.

'Flight' by Isabel and Alfredo Aquilizan (2009). Courtesy of Evie Clifton

‘Flight’ by Isabel and Alfredo Aquilizan (2009). Courtesy of Evie Clifton

Art16 is a forward thinking art fair which embraces new strides in contemporary art. Alongside the traditional forms of art the fair also includes a range of interactive digital art showcasing art as an ever expanding practice. You can conduct a galaxy via screens and movement sensors through British artist Dominic Harris’ installation ‘Conductor’ (2015) at the Dutch gallery Priveekollektie Contemporary Art and Design’s stand or become an angel and spread your digital wings with another of Harris’ works entitled ‘Ice Angel’ (2012) which both show that art can no longer be confined to the canvas. Art16 is a refreshing art fair, it is fun, family friendly and engaging whilst also provides a range of stimulating and interesting works that will leave visitors inspired by the amazing range of forms that art can possess.


Art16 open May 19-22, 2016 in Olympia, London


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