3 Iconic Musicians Who Are Also Artists
March 19, 2017

It is no secret that music is often a selling point for art exhibitions. From the Museum of Modern Art’s 2015…

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Becoming Immersed in Art
December 15, 2016

Art installations are not a new concept in the art world. In the early 20th century, Marcel Duchamp set the roots…

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Performance Art: An Introduction
November 16, 2016

In 2010, the Museum of Modern Art hosted a major exhibition of performance art, which included live performances taking place daily…

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Artist Vanessa Lam Discusses Bombay Sapphire & Artsy Collaboration
June 6, 2018

Vanessa Lam is an emerging contemporary abstract artist based in Canada. Working with mixed media painting, Vanessa explores the relationship between…

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Louise O’Kelly: About Block Universe and Arts Entrepreneurship
June 3, 2018

Louise O’Kelly found Block Universe London, the performance art festival, four years ago. Coming from the art background, Louise discovered her…

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Interview with Heidi Locher: Art as Immersive Experience
May 6, 2018

I am Brunno Silva, curator of the series Unimagined Surroundings that just had its debut at Trace with the exhibition “Dispossession”…

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